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I hope this is okay to post, if not delete it. :p
I wanted to know about writing a letter to Gazette. Since my computer doesn't show the site in Japenese and I don't get all the info in english, I would like to know how can I write a fan letter to Gazette? Oh and I would also like to know how I am suppose to write the address. I know there is a difference in the way it's written compared to the way it's written here. 

Sorry for the dumb questions .... ^___^;;

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oh..dear what do you mean??

about the replying using romanji?? or??

it's so easy you just klik the second part in the bottom action... then klik the link~~~

if you're can speak with japanese languange, you just join with ameba then you can post something using your blog~~~~

ummm...for example:

xxxURL =option 1
xxx(number) = give comment
message picture
foot option xxx= is peta who's ameba blog visit

yeah....I'm join with ameba too~~~

but...if you're confuse, you can send just message with click the picture message button~~~

sorry~~ just little help~~~ do you have any question?? I hope can help you^O^//
i think if you want to post a real letter to them, you can send it to

Gazette (name of member)
Postcode 168-0064
3-49-11, Eifuku, Suginami-ku
Tokyo Maison du Soleil 101, JAPAN
thank you. ^__^;